Friday, January 7, 2011

if u don't get message

mmg sonok kalo kte dpt msg,,nk2 lg waiting 4 sumone msg,kre vip la.hoho. bak kate org dh mcm nk melompat ke
wat happen kalo kte dh lame cdpt msg dr ehemmmm ;)

first rase mcm nk drag dr ni msuk dlm gobok. make sure gobok tu dihiasi ng cantik la n with perfume...nice!
second rase mcm dn't wanna have chat with anyone pn. simple word no mood la ;(
third nant asyk bkak je emel, facebook,skype o nset o pape yg bley connect la
fourth ble dh down trus cr katil....yeay!!! sleep sampai xingt ape dh 
in anythng we do thnk carefully,,dn'k make our life suffer bcoz of sumbody

live with loveness


  1. muwahaha sabar yea kak aku pon slaloo je cm2.. plz try again latter kikiki same x cm dlm phone??

  2. i found it hard.
    as hard as i want to breath.
    Thankfully u don't have to face that anymore.